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Eden Dearing

Student, future entrepreneur, blogger, traveler, soccer player, writer, amateur yogi, creativity enthusiast, fashion devotee.

The Ties That Bind

I often get asked where exactly I’m from. Simple enough question, right? For me it’s a bit more complicated. I explain that my birth […]

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Impress Your Friends

I’m an expert procrastinator. I can shop online for hours, browsing things I have no intention of (and no funding for!) buying. There is […]

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Lord Stanley’s Mug

“Oh, sorry. Are you totally bored because you’re not a hockey fan?” I generally scoff at this question, often prompting the (typically male) inquisitor […]

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The Worst

The moment you realize that you’ve changed can be an alarming one. I had ‘my moment’ recently, when something that many people would consider […]

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Fool’s Gold

Looking for a big ticket item on your local Used site? Don’t be fooled into buying stolen goods. I don’t mean to be a […]

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Prom Princess?

It’s that time of year again. Fear not, Christmas is not for another 7 or so months (tick tock); I’m talking about prom and […]

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Mom’s The Word

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and I’ve always found it to be a daunting task to find a gift for a lady who gave […]

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