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Used Around Town: The Patch

In this instalment of Used Around Town, KB and I headed to The Patch (719 Yates St) to browse some cool clothes and chat with some cool people.

Unfortunately when we got down there, the place was crazy busy! We did find out that The Patch was started 12 years ago in Cambridge, Ontario, with a Victoria location opening a year after that.

The store gets new merchandise coming in each and every day, and their loyal regulars come early and often to check out the newest stuff! A little birdie tells us that in addition to the oh-so-chic 70’s trend right now, there is a lot of 90’s clothing that is leaving the racks at The Patch. Think flannel shirts, florals for ladies and Doc Martens. We didn’t get to do as much of an in-depth interview as we usually like to do, but we at least got to take some cool pictures!

For an amazing selection of ┬áleather jackets, crazy prom dresses, rompers and polo’s, check out The Patch!!

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You want to see a incredible consignment shop check out Connections in Sidney.




Thanks for the comment, Evelyn! Maybe KB and I will have to head out and take a look!

– Eden


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