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Top 10 Back to School Items for the High School Student

Ah, high school. So many good times, so much awkwardness. I’ve hunted down some cool Used items that will hopefully make trading in your beach towel for text books a little more bearable…

1. It’s tough to find a great Bag that will take you from class to practice to your part-time job, but I’m thinking this one is up to the challenge.

2. If my brother has taught me anything, it’s that guys love their Sneakers. He’d be drooling over these Jordans for sure, as I’m sure they’d fit in delightfully with the rest of his collection of kicks.

3. A stylish Watch not only looks great, but it virtually eliminates tardiness excuses. No guarantees that the wearer will actually show up on time for anything, they just won’t have an excuse any more.

4. You know what’s fun? Doing homework! Okay, not really (for most people), but an awesome new desk will definitely make life easier when midterms roll around.

5. Athletic Gear to make mandatory Phys Ed blocks a little less painful. Now hurry up, that jump rope isn’t going to skip itself!


6. Nothing says “Back to School” more than a sharp new Polo. That cute girl in Chemistry will totally notice.


7. Back to School always meant new Jeans in my book. Let’s face it, you’ll wear a great fitting pair almost every day!

8. Fall is coming, people! I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s about to become coat season yet again. You may as well get a cute one, because everyone is going to see you in it!

9. Teachers never seem to like the excuse “I can’t hand in my report because my printer broke.” Avoid awkward situations (and failing grades) by getting a great Printer… even if it was your dog/cat/goldfish that ended up eating your beautifully printed Steinbeck paper.

10. Just because I have a Commerce degree doesn’t mean I like numbers. I actually barely passed Math 12… but then had to take more Math in University! Do yourself a favour and get good at it while it’s not overly hard. A Graphing Calculator will help!






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