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Top 10: Workout Gear

Sure, bathing suit season is over, but health is a year-round thing, people! Turns out you can get pretty much everything you need to get lean and mean on your local Used site (I’ll pretend to be surprised if you do too)!

1. Sneakers, and fancy pink ones at that! The treadmill won’t know what hit it.

2. Nothing like a yoga mat in a bright colour to get your up for that early morning class! Coffee is also helpful, though less colourful (usually).

3. Hate the gym? If you’d rather get teeth pulled than hang out in a weight room (or “the body shop” as they call it at my gym – clever), maybe a pair of at home dumbbells is more your speed. Perhaps this is why there are commercials, for workout breaks?

4. Being cold and wet to and from your workout destination? That’s just silly. Keep warm and stylish in an awesome jacket pre and post-workout.

5. Maybe I’m biased because I’d love a pair of these, but nothing ruins a workout faster than wet feet. Keep those toes work-out ready in some rainboots.

6. Water bottle? Check. Towel? Sneakers? Check. Lock for locker? Check. Gym pass? Check. This gym bag will fit everything you need and then some.

7. Hitting the pool? Keep your wet bathing suit away from the other contents of your bag with this nifty little contraption. Sure, a plastic bag will work as well as this wet bathing suit pouch but it’s a) cuter and b) better for the environment. Win-win!

8. As they say, timing is everything. Keep track of yours with an athletic watch.

9. Nothing sucks more than a heavy, sweat-soaked cotton t-shirt weighing you down. A workout tank like this one with that magical “sweat wicking technology”  lets you move and keeps you… less sweaty.

10. The wonders of technology: with this little gadget your iPod can tell you how your run is going. Sport kit, brilliant!



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