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Lament of the Lazy

I don’t have fantastic luck with computers. It could be a lot worse really, but my first laptop outside the family computer was stolen after two years. The second laptop just gradually disintegrated until it was virtually un-usable,  and the third… well, touch wood.

You know what sucks the fun right out of getting a new computer (besides paying for it)? Having to transfer everything over. Sure, it’s not that hard, but it can’t be that easy if I’ve had my newest computer for nearly three months and I haven’t done it yet. And yes, I may be well-versed in the art of procrastination but I always feel like something’s going to go terribly wrong and all of a sudden three hours of my life will be wasted. I understand that this probably makes it glaringly obvious that technology isn’t my thing… nor is reading manuals my thing.

Is it really as bad as I’m making it out to be?

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One Response to “Lament of the Lazy”

malcolm windus

Keep trying – the esential technology will grow on you .
30 years ago I saved madly to get $1000 to buy a SECOND HAND PC SET at an Auction – a real bargain. Nowdays you buy a new Laptop with 4 times the capabilty for less than $1000.

You can always (as I did back then) get a university ‘mate’ – computer guru – to help unscramble the old Disc content left by the builder BUT BEWARE:-

My MATE rang and said he had ‘ burnt the disc because the computer was wired back to front – wanted to charge some $600 to replace ( what a good deal) then I found I could buy a new disc installed for $300. – Some Mate Eh!

So better you learn – even if it is the slow and sometimes boring way – than relying on a slick business operator OR a MATE to help .

Good luck – just think – the Next Computer will have more capacity , nmore tricks- more fun.

Mal the pal


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