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Top 10 from UsedPEI!

As I mentioned last week, my mom just moved back home to Charlottetown, making the trek across the country from Calgary. Since she drove the whole way (eeek!) with only her little SUV and a trailer, there wasn’t room for a ton of stuff. I took the liberty of making some picks to help her new digs feel more like, well, home!

1. So moving can be kind of a big deal, especially when you travel a pretty vast distance. A great photo frame will keep old memories fresh and maybe even make room for some new ones (was that too cheesy?! Whoops)!

Best of friends... on the wall!

2. My little sister was feeling a bit lonesome when they arrived on the island, so they decided to get a new puppy! Her name is Bella and she’s very, very sweet but she’s only 12 weeks old and she’s growing fast. A new kennel will help with growing pains for ‘Lil B.’

A great kennel for the pup!

3. A mirror (or a few) is pretty much a no-brainer for decor; it makes a small space appear larger, it goes with all your other furniture and… it helps prevent awkward lettuce-in-teeth situations. Perfect!

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

4. My sister just started at a new junior high and she could use a great study space. This desk would be a perfect fit in the spare room, aka “Lexy’s Office,” now hop to it little lady, those books aren’t going to read themselves!

School's back in - study time!

5. No lulu in PEI! That’s okay, mom and sis will just have to get their workout wear fixes on!

Sweat in style, girls!

6. We have a pretty big family, and rumour has it that Mom has been volunteered to host Christmas dinner this year. Some folding chairs will be necessary to accommodate everyone (understatement!).

Family dinners are right around the corner!


7. Although Calgary winters can get pretty darn cold, we’ll have to see how different an Atlantic winter will be! Better get a warm coat, just in case.

Warm and chic in a peacoat


8. As I mentioned, my sister’s back at school now and this  backpack will be perfect for holding books, lunches, P.E. gear, iPods, cell phones… essentially, everything.

No excuses for forgetting homework at school!

9. I personally don’t get the whole water cooler thing, but my mom insists she needs one. Since I’m a fantastic daughter, I found one.

Drinks (of water) for everyone!

10. We’re big on movie nights at my mom’s place, thus a great couch is of utmost importance. I’m hoping you can vacuum popcorn out of this guy pretty easily…

Neutrals DO go with everything...

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