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Prom Princess?

It’s that time of year again.

Fear not, Christmas is not for another 7 or so months (tick tock); I’m talking about prom and grad season. This can be a bit of an expensive undertaking, especially if you happen to be attending more than one. I know many, many girls who would scoff at the idea of wearing the same dress twice. Preposterous, really.

As if finding dates, coordinating with said date, organizing limos, planning beautification appointments and navigating awkward parental-directed photo shoots weren’t taxing enough, one should find a way to look fabulous without leaving the bank account (or parent’s credit card) feeling so very, very sad.

So what’s a girl (or guy!) to do? Well, besides scoping out sales months and maybe even a year in advance (that ship has sailed, friends… unless you’re planning for next year that is) a good option might be to consider buying some or all of your grad and/or prom needs used.

I’m going to be honest, I never did the whole poufy-princess-cupcake prom dress thing. Not that I didn’t go, I definitely did go to both prom and grad (and spent far too much on dresses in my youthful indiscretion), but I grew up in Vancouver where cocktail length was the heavy favourite over anything floor-length or tulle. Ditto for tiaras, but hey I’m not here to judge!

The are piles of pretty, pretty options that I found on our beloved Used sites across the country! I picked a few of my favourites to share and maybe even provide some inspiration? (Hint: Previous blog post The Thrill of the Hunt provides some solid insight into things like tailoring, dry cleaning, and general used clothing goodness)

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