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Top 10 Kids’ Items of Summer!

The weather (in Victoria!) is finally starting to turn nice, May long weekend 2011 is now in the past, this can only mean one thing: Summer is upon us, my friends. The university crowd is long gone (unless your degree finishes in the summer, as mine does) but the rest of the whipper-snappers will be free as birds momentarily. Fear not, I’ve hunted down the Top 10 Kids’ Items of Summer to keep everyone happy!

1. Life Jackets Keep the kiddies safe on the water with these stylish little numbers.

2. Wagon Got some toddlers to tote around? A super swanky wagon helps keep babes and picnic stuff portable.

3. Turtle Sand Box Turtles are fantastic, sandboxes are awesome, put them together and you have hours of summer fun.

4. Red Car I feel like this is pretty self explanatory. Who wouldn’t want a cool red car?

5. Rock Band Well, it’s bound rain eventually, right?

6. Basketball Hoop Your little big athlete can blow off some steam with this hoop. Maybe they’ll hit the big leagues, but they’ll be ready for a nap in no time.

7. Puppet Theatre Entertaining for the kids, entertaining for you (or the babysitter!).

8. Dora the Explorer Vanity Summer heat and humidity can equate to some seriously bad hair days. Dora’s here to help.

9. Caterpillar Dump Truck The perfect complement to item number three.

10. Slide and Pool Combo Another one that needs no explanation. Awesome.


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