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Spring Jewelry Guide

I have a little bit of a rep as a ‘fashionista’ within the walls of the… and if I’m being honest, a little bit in general. I have neutral feelings about this; I find ‘fashionista’ to be a bit of a cheesy buzzword, plus all it really seems to mean is that you wear weird clothes that a lot of other people probably wouldn’t. ¬†Having said that, I’m as unapologetic about my weird clothes as I am about the frequency of my fashion-related babbling.

So here, based on Refinery29’s Spring Jewelry Trends, ¬†is my Spring/Summer Jewelry Guide.

1. Big Mixed Cabochan-Style Stones This look has a very bohemian and earthy vibe to it. Not a lot of sparkle, but big time impact. This red and burgundy necklace set is a more understated version of the trend in terms of colour combos. Not into the chunkiness? This pink moonstone pendant accomplishes the same goal without the size.

2. Tassel & Fringe You might remember my tassel earring DIY blog post from several weeks ago, meaning that if I can handle that DIY project anyone can. If not, layered pieces create a similar effect in a more modern way.

3. Clean & Architectural Between all the splashy stones and fringes, the classics are once again trendy. A simple set of bangles or clean, geometric earrings like these ones from Tiffany & Co. add interest without loudness. If in doubt, a sterling silver bangle is always a good choice.

4. Plastics & Perspex Take inspiration from your childhood (or he 60’s) with big, bright, plastic jewelry. A watch, like this one from Nixon, is a great way to incorporate it into your Spring jewelry rotation. If plastic jewelry is just too weird for you, a hair clip or two beside a bun or ponytail is a more subtle option.

5. Rose-Gold A huge trend for Spring and Summer! The pink-tinged gold is very feminine and romantic. Integrate it easily with a chain or a band, bonus points if you pick up a watch!

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