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Eden Dearing

Student, future entrepreneur, blogger, traveler, soccer player, writer, amateur yogi, creativity enthusiast, fashion devotee.

Just Like Woodstock?

Okay, probably not just like Woodstock, BUT summer is fast approaching and there are many fun and outdoor music festivals approaching right along with […]

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The Thrill of the HuntThe Thrill of the Hunt

For our blog series Used Around Town, Katie and I have been scoping out some of the coolest thrift stores in Victoria. An unexpected […]

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The best blog post everThe best blog post ever

Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration in the title, but only very slight. The Used team in Victoria is participating in the Victoria Autism Awareness […]

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How to Make People Angry

There are two things that polite society teaches us not to talk about: Religion and Politics. You’re essentially guaranteed to stir some very strong […]

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Earth Hour Top 7!

We’re a month shy of Earth Day (April 22nd – no forgetting!), but while you’re getting organized for that you can have fun with […]

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