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The best blog post ever

Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration in the title, but only very slight.

The Used team in Victoria is participating in the Victoria Autism Awareness Walk this Sunday at Beaver Lake, so Katieden decided to make an epic sign for this week’s DIY.

The instructions are minimal, essentially we went to the dollar store and picked up as much glitter as we could carry, took over the ‘Nerd Room’ and got our art on. We both ended up covered in glitter (and I think we even managed to get some on Mike – sorry, friend!), but I can’t wait until it dries so we can bust it out at the event this weekend! Hope to see you there!

Our dollar store loot!

We used a printout of the logo as our guide!

Glitter dust action shot!

Getting a little messy – glitter on my hands and pants!


All glittered out!

Katie resolves her childhood glitter glue issues

Fancy decals to top it all off!

Now that’s a fancy looking sign! See you Sunday!

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