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Just Like Woodstock?

Okay, probably not just like Woodstock, BUT summer is fast approaching and there are many fun and outdoor music festivals approaching right along with it (I must mention that Coachella has already taken place!). I’m particularly enthusiastic about these summer events because I recently scored a ticket to Sasquatch. Because I’m excited and because I know you’re excited, I’ve made my Top 10 list of things pulled from the site to make your music festivals full of music, peace and love.

1. Sunglasses Protect those peepers and look cool at the same time? It’s pretty much a no-brainer. Aviators and classic Wayfarers are always in style.2. Gladiator Sandals The perfect sandals: flat, comfortable, colourful, on-trend and summery.


3. Cross-Body Bag Tote around the essentials (water bottle, suncreen, wallet, suncreen, cellphone, baby wipes for all-purpose cleaning… sunscreen) while keeping your hands free!


4. Bolo Ties Gentlemen, don’t leave all the music fest style to the ladies. Maybe show off with some fancy accessories, perhaps some vintage western bolo ties will take your look to the next level?


5. Cowichan Sweater West Coast trendy meets practical. Use it as a cushion when you’re taking in shows, put it on when the sun goes down.


6. Camping Chair Just in case you don’t want to sit in the grass… or it starts to rain and you don’t want to sit in the mud.


7. Sleeping Bag If you’re camping out, you will need one for those chilly summer nights.


8. iPod I know, I know, you’re going to a music festival so why would you need an iPod? It’ll come in handy on the trek to and from the event, trust me.


9. Bathing Suit Because you never know what kind of hot-weather fun you’ll be getting into.


10. Beach Umbrella Sunburns are never in style.


Have fun! And remember: sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!

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