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Earth Hour Top 7!

We’re a month shy of Earth Day (April 22nd – no forgetting!), but while you’re getting organized for that you can have fun with Earth Hour on March 26th at 8:30pm.

What is it? Glad you asked! It started in Sydney, Australia as a way to show support for the planet and take a stand against climate change. All you have to do is turn the lights off for one hour at 8:30pm on Saturday, March 26th. Easy, right? Besides the energy savings of the lights being off, Earth Hour helps make people more mindful of their energy consumption – a hot topic these days.

creative commons image courtesy of Muffet

So here, in honour of Earth Hour, are the Top 7 thing to do while the lights are out (well, the Top 7 PG things anyway)!

  1. Make an Earth Hour Lantern! You can do that right here, and maybe make a real one for the event, too!
  2. Earth Hour Party! Invite some friends over to hang out by candle light or flash light, make some snacks and have fun! Sitting in the dark is way more fun with your buds.
  3. S’mores! A little indoor or outdoor fire (safety first everyone!), a little marshmallow, graham cracker, chocolate? Cuddle up in some blankets and tell campfire stories. A guaranteed success.
  4. Movie time! The lights are going to be out anyway – why not make some popcorn and curl up with a movie?
  5. Pitch-black art projects. Canvases? Finger-painting? Kick it like it’s 1994 (or whatever year it was when you were 5) and get some crazy art happening. You never know, it could turn out to be really cool! Just be sure to lay down some newspaper first and stay away from those scissors!
  6. Marco Polo/Hide and Go Seek. Maybe move pointy or potentially dangerous out of the way first.
  7. Sleep! Why not call it an early night and catch up on some Zzzz’s? Especially if you had a late night Friday…

Happy Earth Hour!

Update: Can’t believe I forgot to mention this (it’s been a long week): Our site will be dark during Earth Hour! We did it last year, we’re doing it again!

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