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The Ties That Bind

I often get asked where exactly I’m from. Simple enough question, right? For me it’s a bit more complicated. I explain that my birth certificate states that Halifax, NS is my hometown. I spent my childhood split between Vancouver (dad) and Calgary (mom). My majority of my family is actually living in the thriving metropolis of Summerside, PEI, with a few more scattered across the lower mainland in BC, in Halifax and even back in England.

When I was much more of a wee child than I am now, trips out East were frequent, usually three or four times a year. Between ages eight and 13 they slowed to about annually, and in recently years… well I’ve been back twice in the past 10 or so years. University kicked in and when I wasn’t studying I was working to try and make sure that I could eat when I resumed studying. Life got busy, excuses were made, time went by.

creative commons image courtesy of R.B. Boyer

I was watching the Summer convocation as I moseyed between campus eateries and group meetings, noticing the moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, brothers and sisters beaming proudly at their newly minted geniuses. I guess it brought me back to my family, and how excited they are that I’m going to be convocating in November. Especially since on my mom’s side, no one has actually ever graduated from a bona fide university before. On dad’s side, I was the very first baby; now I follow in Dear Old Dad’s footsteps with a Business degree. I smiled at the giggle-fuelled picture taking, knowing that regardless of what they had to give up to get there, the fam jam was waiting for them at the finish line. Just like mine will be in November.

Congrats to the brilliant Grad of 2011!

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