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Impress Your Friends

I’m an expert procrastinator. I can shop online for hours, browsing things I have no intention of (and no funding for!) buying. There is an endless supply of dirty things to clean in my house, laundry to do, dry-cleaning to take away somewhere else, critical visits to Shoppers Drug Mart for critical purchases such as the perfect shade of coral polish for my toes.

But this, my friends, is probably a new low.

Sitting in my favourite procrastination hang-out, the Bibliocafe at UVic (it’s technically in the library, so it’s almost like I’m doing actual work!), wondering how I was going to get everything done before I attend yet another birthday party this evening. I took my wondering a step further by contemplating the sheer volume of birthday parties I’ve been attending as of late, in addition to the birthdays that I have lined up for the coming weeks. Seems like half of the people I know are born in June… and then it hit me: I wonder what the most popular birthday in the entire world happens to be?!

I found this delightful article that answers a similar question: Which birthdays are the most popular in the US (of people born between 1973 and 1999). According to that article my birthday, July 24th, is the 72nd most popular!

creative commons image courtesy of jessica.diamond

And then there was this little gem that states that the most common birthday in the US is October 5th, with the least common being May 22nd. If your day of birth coincides with one of these, consider yourself very lucky! Also, apparently no one does this kind of research in Canada, which I think is lame.

So it appears that the abnormal frequency of birthdays lately is merely a figment of my imagination. How bothersome. I guess I should get back to work, then.

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