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Will you buy flowers for Valentine’s Day?

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who buy fresh flowers and those who don’t.  Ask anyone who doesn’t buy them and they will share convincing opinions of impracticality, expense, gender roles and possibly even global warming.  And they might be correct about some of it.  But then you ask a lover of flowers and they will tell you how they can’t pass a display without smiling.  They will defend the impracticality and expense with impassioned arguments.  Then they’ll buy the flowers without shame.

This time of year is a huge deal for florists, and can become a little high pressure on anyone with a valentine.  Should you buy flowers?  Aren’t they a rip off?  The answer to both those questions might be yes, but you already knew that, right?  Flowers are a nice surprise any time during the year, and only you know if your valentine is hoping for them.  And dear valentines, remember that sometimes if you really want something and never tell anyone, it may not happen.  Let’s work together on the communication, yes?  Drop a hint, ask someone directly, or buy them yourself.

I am firmly in the fresh flower loving camp.  I have always been there and don’t expect to leave any time soon.  But for me, it’s not just about holidays, or expectations that someone else needs to buy them. Nope, I am just as happy buying them for myself, or for all of us.  If they make the house seem happier and more alive, that benefits everyone.

Flowers and their meanings

Did you know different flowers have different meanings?  They do, and if you want to get all mushy about it you can choose certain varieties based on what they mean.  Many people do this for special occasions like weddings, but it never hurts to know a few common ones. Sunflowers mean adoration, daisies show off their innocence, and lilacs suggest first love.

It’s not just the type of flower that can mean something.  Take the rose, for instance.  There is no single meaning for the rose, instead the colour of the roses you choose means something.  This might be handy to know so you don’t send the wrong message.  Red roses mean love and respect, while yellow suggest joy and friendship.  My favourite are orange roses, which mean desire and enthusiasm.

Tips to make flowers last longer

There is a great deal of advice on how to keep flowers fresh once you have brought them home. Whether these tips are old wives’ tales or science is anybody’s guess!  Most flowers do well with having their stems recut with a very sharp knife, under running water if you can manage it.  I turn on the tap and just give mine a slice as the cold water runs over the stems.  Use the little packet the florist gives you, but don’t use the whole thing.  It’s meant to be used in a very large container, so I always save half for when I change the water.  Clear any leaves from the stems that will end up underwater – they are what rot first and turn the water cloudy and smelly.  Once the flowers are looking pretty in the vase, don’t forget about them!  Change the water daily, and every couple of days trim the stems again.  This will help the flowers to continue to take in water so they thrive.

Will you be buying flowers on Valentine’s Day?  Are you hoping to receive them?  What are some tips you have heard of to keep flowers fresh longer?

Writer, editor, recovering chocoholic. Most often found writing, drinking coffee, and chasing kids. Find her on Twitter @littlemissmocha.

2 Responses to “Will you buy flowers for Valentine’s Day?”


I love flowers because they reveal the creative beauty of God. I usually buy my wife flowers throughout the year but not on Valentines day. I hate to be negative but I refuse to pay the inflated prices on this or any other holiday. Usually flowers are reasonably priced, but when certain days come around most take advantage and use these days to gouge and take advantage, that’s when a card and a reasonably priced box of chocolates takes the flowers place.


    Jen Taylor

    Thanks for your comment! Buying flowers throughout the year is a lovely habit. As far as I know, no one ever had their feelings hurt by chocolate. I happen to be a fan. ; )

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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