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Make Christmas decor more affordable by buying used

December is here and in many homes, lights are sparkling and ornaments pop with colour. Some of us are early with our Christmas décor and get going in November, others are busy or like to wait for a first snowfall or for a time when family can gather together to decorate together. Most of us have bins and boxes ready to pull out and spread throughout our homes.

But what about those of us who don’t?

There’s no doubt, it all can cost a lot of money, and can seem wasteful especially to those of us struggling to feel inspired. What would we do with it all even if we bought it?

We have a couple of ideas for you. The first is to check your local sites to find people ready to part with the Christmas décor items they have. Such a great way to reduce waste and costs and to add to your collection easily.

Here are some great examples that would easily help set you or a loved one up in a new home, or add to what you already own for décor:

Do you need a whole new set of decorations to get you started? These collections could have you set up in no time:

Christmas decorations for sale in Ottawa

So much included, for such affordable prices!

Christmas decorations for sale in Victoria

Missing one important item like a tree, but don’t want to pay the price of new? We can help there too:

Artificial Christmas tree (6ft) Regina $50

Artificial Christmas tree (6.5ft) PEI $30

Artificial Christmas tree (7.5ft) Regina $75

And what about other items that may not seem like holiday décor at first but have potential if you could just see it? We have help for that too. Watch for simple items being sold used, that you could pick up for very little and with a little creativity, turn into something special.

Found mason jars for sale? Make these pretty snow lanterns.

An old chalkboard? Use it to display a sweet holiday message.

Large glass vases or jars? Fill them up with almost anything festive for a beautiful holiday centrepiece.

Old wooden pallets?  Make these pretty weathered Christmas trees.

Christmas may only come once a year, and we all have budgets to watch, but enjoying the beauty of a well-decorated home is a nice indulgence. You can find a way to do it that suits you, and your budget.

And don’t forget to consider what you may have outgrown or replaced over time yourself – perhaps you have items that could become someone’s happy find?

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