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Create a welcoming front entry

The front entry is an area that offers many challenges in style, storage and functionality. Often if we’re getting it right in one area, we’re cursing the other two.

What should you consider when setting up the front entry of your home?


How you welcome people into your home begins as soon as they approach your front door, but here we’ll focus most on what they see and how they feel when they walk in. Is the space warm and welcoming? Are there elements that express your personality or that of your family? Do the colours offer a hint of what lies inside? Add a few elements that add some warmth and personality and you’ll instantly feel better about the space.

Space and movement

What happens as you enter your home? Do you feel a sense of space? Is there room to step inside, move out of the way of others, and sit down if necessary? Ensuring there is enough room for people to come in and move around is a key element in a front entry working well. Move nearby furniture if need be. Slide a couch over, or shift a bench if need be. Make room for the people and storage you need and you’ll find your entry working better almost immediately.

Storage and functionality

I have used everything from existing closets to tables to bins and baskets to try to capture the flow of “stuff” that seems to collect in my front entry. Consider carefully what’s coming in and going out – you likely need a place for coats and footwear, but what about backpacks? Keys? Mail? If these are part of the daily flow for your family, make a space for each to streamline the clutter. I just picked up a used dresser and am going to try it to contain backpacks and other items my kids drag back and forth to school. If it works, I am painting it red and making it a permanent fixture. Two baskets for library books and a dish for keys and we’ll be organized.

We found this gorgeous dresser for sale on our Ottawa website if you’re looking for inspiration!

Dresser for front entry storage

Dresser for front entry storage

And this brings us to a last important point – it’s all personal. All of these are important factors to consider, but they all come down to you – what do you want to see and feel when you walk into your home? What works for you? What feels natural and easy, and what feels like forced or unused organization? If you love it and it works for you – go for it!

Here are some other ideas we loved for front entries:

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What do you love about your front entry? What, if anything, drives you crazy? Any tips or solutions you’d love to share?


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Love this Jen. I just set an alert for a console table. Looking for something sleek, narrow and functional mainly for a lamp and plant.


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