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Sheet music DIY projects

Few things tie our memories together the way a piece of music can. With a few bars, we can be transported back to a place or time we may have forgotten otherwise. With a few words or lines, we can even remember how we felt.

While our tastes may evolve over time, most of us have songs that remain meaningful, even as our preferences change. They may evoke a special memory, remind us of an important event, or make us remember someone significant.

Bringing music into your home as a keepsake can be a lovely way to reminisce, or simply a way to enjoy music further. What if you were to incorporate sheet music into your home through do it yourself projects?

Music for blog

Use old music books, or the pages of one special song, to create projects with meaning…for yourself, or as sweet gifts for others. Where to find sheet music? Unless you want to frame one special song, in which case you may have to search out or purchase the music specifically; old song books and sheet music shouldn’t be that hard to source.

What songs could you consider? The list is nearly endless, and would differ from person to person. You may choose a favourite song from childhood for your own child’s room, or your wedding song for your bedroom. The first piece of music you learned to play on a favourite instrument could be a lovely addition to your home, as could a piece that reminds you of someone who made a difference in your life somehow. A classic lullaby could take centre stage in a nursery, while a favourite hymn could add a gentle lift to a photo wall.

How? We went looking for ideas and found plenty of inspiration!

Line the drawers of a dresser or nightstand

Image by Reloved Rubbish

Image by Reloved Rubbish:

Sheet music and mason jar centrepieces

Image by One Artsy Mama:

Image by One Artsy Mama:

DIY sheet music letter

Image by The Country Chic Cottage:

Image by The Country Chic Cottage:

DIY sheet music wall art

Image by Amy's Casablanca:

Image by Amy’s Casablanca:

Want to up your game a little? Tackle a couple of projects with old vinyl records.

DIY record side table

Image by The Flourishing Abode:

Image by The Flourishing Abode:

DIY vinyl butterflies

Vinyl butterflies

Image by Thread Sence:

DIY vinyl bowl

Vinyl bowl

Or combine them both into a vinyl record wall art project.

Vinyl wall art

Image by Endlessly Inspired:


Have you ever considered using sheet music for DIY projects? Is there a special song you would choose to feature? We’d love to know how this sparks your imagination!

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These are so great!! Thanks so much for including my vinyl record wall art!!


    Amber R Bosma

    You are so so welcome Jenn! Thank you for your beautiful work, I for one hope to replicate it, I am a big vinyl fan!


I was hoping you might have a jazz fake book, but then I saw what you did with them.


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