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How to save money on kids’ sports equipment

We’re right back into the swing of back to school and suddenly, it’s like we never left the land of early mornings, homework and dinners eaten in a rush before the evening’s activities. Ah, the constant busy schedules our kids can keep! They want to skate, to swim, to play hockey and everything else they can think of. As parents, we’re left to figure out how to fit it all into busy weeks and already tight budgets!

Kids rarely consider the expense of the activities they want to join; for kids it’s all about the fun and joy of doing things they love! They may want to improve a skill, spend more time with their friends or just enjoy something for which they have natural talent. It’s rare to meet a parent wanting to quash this spirit, but common to find those worried about the expense, especially when kids seem to grow out of everything we buy so quickly!

An easy solution is to get in the habit of looking for used sporting equipment and gear for every activity your kid wants to take up – especially in the early years when commitment is low and they may try many things before finding something they truly love.

Have you thought about what all you might need to buy if your kids want to sign up for any any extra-curricular activities this year? Start doing the math on one, two or three activities multiplied by how many kids you have and suddenly ideas to reduce costs look mighty tempting.

Check your local used listings (and don’t miss the free page in case someone is happy to give something away!) The first place to start is our Sporting Goods category. Use the search function to find specific items. Talk to family, friends and neighbours who have kids older than yours who might be ready to pass items down or sell. Attend or organize swap events in your communities or networks. Find shops that sell used items. And be sure as you add new equipment and your kids grow out of items that you take a few moments each season to clean them up and list them for sale to keep some money coming back in.

Don’t forget these tips work for teens and adults too! If you’re gearing up, there are always ways around buying new equipment.

What sports or activities do you find most expensive? How do you reduce the related costs? We’d love to share your tips with other readers!

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