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Trunks: the perfect combination of function and story

Rarely do I have something lingering in my mind that I didn’t buy but wish that I had.

Does anyone else do this? Consider, weigh up the pros and cons and then walk away from a potential purchase simply because it doesn’t fit your needs, your home or your budget? We all do it, but what happens after is often very telling.

Recently, I found a 104 year old trunk in an antique store. It was really striking – beautiful colour, great condition, great story. I was out of town and had no way to bring it home with me, so I  had to leave it behind. And I have not forgotten about it since.

You see, trunks are always interesting to me. I can always spot them in a store and can never resist going to have a closer look at what I find. Most of the time I can find a reason to leave them behind, but not always. Recently I was actually in need of a piece of furniture to act as a coffee table and stumbled over the perfect trunk for my space. Home it came and it’s perfect.

There are all different sizes, shapes and colours of trunks. You can look for a piece that will serve a need in your home (like the one I bought) or you can find one that just pulls at you for some reason (the one I left behind.) Both reasons are valid.

I had a little wander through the ads this week and found some interesting pieces that I know would tempt me – will they tempt you?

What about something with irresistible age and charm like this antique dome top trunk:  great old trunk for extra storage, covered in embossed metal with a rare lock circa 1880s. Reasonable offers will be considered.

Perhaps a WWII military trunk calls to you for the story and historical significance? Here’s the description for this gem:  Exceptional condition. Very clean (stored dry). Original label for Lt. L.J. MacDonald of the Hastings Prince Edward County regiment (The Hasty Pees). Includes chit from a serviceman’s Scottish rest house dated 1942. Original lock and key. Great for a collector, or display for a storefront. Found on

What about a simple antique steamer trunk like this one on This little beauty is affordable and could act as storage or a table surface.

And finally, maybe someday you’ll see a trunk that has so much story in it that you’ll want to hold onto it a little while. Have a peek at this sweet old trunk which still has letter taped inside…pre 1919.

Trunks can be a great way to add some storage or display surface to your home. They can tuck into corners, act as coffee tables, cozy up to the foot of a bedframe, or hide just about anywhere that needs a little something extra.

Have you ever brought one of these home? Do you have a favourite trunk with a story? Where did you find it? We’d love to hear your stories.

Looking to buy, gead to your local site and either use the search bar to search “trunk” or head to Art and Antiques > Antique furniture.

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