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Let coffee wake up your DIY projects

It’s no secret that I love my coffee. Morning, afternoon, evening – I really enjoy a cup of good coffee any time. And I have actually started sneaking it into my day in other ways…by incorporating it into my home in more ways than just a morning drink.

How have I done this? My favourite trick is to use it as a natural way to make my house smell amazing. I have small bowls and jars here and there filled with coffee beans, cinnamon sticks, and cloves. They are so much nicer than store bought home fragrance products. Any pretty glass jar or decorative bowl can be repurposed for these.

coffee jar 2

Once I realized how much I liked these, I tried a homemade coffee scrub. I love these type of scratch made projects, and have made similar in the past. The coffee was a fun twist on my usual scrub, and I’ll be making it again.

Now that my imagination was really fueled (must be all that caffeine!), I wondered how else I could incorporate one of my favourite things into other DIY projects. I did a little digging around and found many ideas that tempted me and still kept with my coffee theme.

From hand decorated coffee mugs with cheeky messages to a gorgeous DIY wooden pallet coffee cup holder, there are all kinds of ways to use coffee or explore coffee themed projects. These are perfect choices to indulge your love of coffee, or for gift ideas for coffee lovers in your life.

We found plenty of other ways coffee could influence your DIY projects:

Try staining wood using instant coffee

Build a space saving drink perch to hold your coffee cup

Use fabric scraps to sew coffee cozies

Build your own pour over coffee stand

Make your own coffee ground garbage disposal cleaners

Use coffee to antique paper

Make your own coffee bean candles

Most can be made with repurposed jars, containers, leftover fabric or scrap pieces of wood – and of course, coffee.

Which of these tempt you most?

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