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The “someday” projects

Ever have one of those projects in your mind that just won’t go away?

You know the kind I mean. You get an idea, out of the blue one day, and after you do, nothing else will quite be right. You decide you want to paint a room a certain colour, and afterwards the walls irritate you even if they had been fine for years before.

Sometimes the projects are more elusive. A random idea isn’t quite doable, or you don’t have the piece or property to do it with. It becomes one of those fuzzy “wants” that makes it into your daydreams and Pinterest boards but doesn’t quite ever move to your to-do list.

My “someday” project involves a rocking chair that was a gift twenty years ago. It’s as sturdy and strong as it was the day it was built, but the traditional lines and colour have always made it a bit of a misfit. Now, in a home filled with dark wood furniture, it is even more so.

Now, most people would strip the finish off and stain it to match the rest of their home. I won’t promise the temptation won’t overtake me at some point. But what I really want to do is paint it a fabulous bright colour and put it in a kids’ play area for quiet moments when the comfort of a rocking chair is still appreciated.

In my mind, that colour will be red. Bright, cheery, tomato red. Ideally it will someday live in a room with many books, but that’s negotiable. But red, it must be.

Can’t quite imagine it? Have a look at these finished pieces for inspiration.

Red rocking chair indoors in a nursery

Red rockers on a front porch

Want one for yourself? Have a look through the your local site and find yourself a rocking chair. All you need to do after that is pick a colour, and where your treasure will live once painted.

Rocking chair – free in Calgary

And here are a couple of others in different cities:

Rocking chair – $40 in Ottawa

Rocking chair – $75 in Victoria

Do you have a someday project? We’d love to hear about it!


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2 Responses to “The “someday” projects”


I have a room (actually two rooms in the basement) full of someday project. From painting, stripping paint, sanding… I also have sewing project that I have barely touch lately. PLUS many other interest.
I am retired and don’t find the time to do it all.
I ONLY watch the internet only when I work on something. Today I was removing upholstery nails on 4 chairs while listening to a documentary.
Did I had more time when I was working?



I’m not retired yet Sylvie, but if my parents are any indication, there’s never time. I have twin toddlers and unless there’s a deadline attached, my ‘projects’ never get done either!!! But I do have some set aside. A wedding photo album (and a million subsequent albums), transferring home movies from childhood onto DVD (not sure how or when I’ll do that) and making more dollhouse furniture for my girls’ awesome refurbished dollhouse (that was last year’s project and because it HAD a deadline, it got done)!


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