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Summer Fun: Canoeing

I have long dreamt of owning a canoe.

And not just any canoe. It will have to be red, of course, because what other colour could it be? Oh, sure, some years the desire goes quiet and I get busy with other things. For a time my kids seemed too young for me to be able to get enjoyment out of owning one. Or I lived too far from tempting waters to be reminded of it. But then I will walk alongside a quiet river or a peaceful lake and feel the pull once again.

A couple of weeks ago I spent the day in the mountains, as I love to do, and caught sight of a couple paddling their way down a river. It was just too perfect and I was reminded again of how years ago, I had wanted that for myself.

Fast forward two weeks and I am again in the mountains. Only this time I am visiting the most perfect, teal blue lake, and to my delight there is a spot at one end where they rent canoes to visitors who can’t merely enjoy the water from the shore. Some of us need to be out in the middle of it to truly feel it.

A canoe was rented. At first, my concern was to be sure the kids would stay seated and not drop their own paddles over the side, but once they were settled, I was able to turn around and paddle. I was surprised at how quickly they got used to the feel of it, and how well they did sitting still and trying out their own paddles. We went all the way across the small lake, found a low waterfall at one end that we had heard from the walking path, and paddled back. The water was just as brightly coloured beside the canoe as it was from shore – how could I have known without getting out into it? The freedom of the open lake, the good work of paddling, all cemented what I already knew.

Living near the mountains, my kids getting older, working out often enough to not only manage but enjoy the exercise of paddling a good distance are all bringing me closer to making the leap. It’s almost time for me to have one of my own.

Love to paddle a canoe?  Crave the peace and quiet of the water? Wonder how easily you could make it a part of your life? It might be easier than you think. It’s as fast and easy as checking out a site in your city.  There are canoes in a wide range of styles, sizes and price ranges.

In less than five minutes I found these kayaks for sale on – search kayak or canoe:

And this canoe for sale on – again, search kayaks or canoe:

Maybe you should peek at your local site and see what might be for sale in your community. When was the last time you were in a canoe?

And more importantly, how soon will you be tempted into one now?

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