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Start your Valentine’s Day planning now!

How did love and chocolate ever get paired up together?  Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day with hearts and chocolate? And what is up with all the roses and flowers?  Whatever the reasons, these Valentine’s Day traditions have been going on for hundreds of years so, like it or not, it’s best to find a way to embrace it.

There are those who scoff and call it a made-up holiday. Fair enough, but really, unless you want to live alone on an island, at some point you’ll be expected to celebrate this sweetest of holidays.  (If you’re one of those people who adores Valentine’s Day, and already has heart shaped pillows and balloons ready, you are all good – you’ll do fine.)  But there are those people who need a little reminding, a little push to get enthused about it all.

But wait a minute. What have you got to lose?  Think for a minute about how important the day might be to someone else and just decide to buy in.  What are some of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Delectable food, sweet desserts or treats, fun daytime events or romantic date nights.  Come on, how hard is that?

If you haven’t planned anything for the 14th, now’s the time to do something. Don’t expect to make reservations the day before, or suddenly pull a great date out of nowhere.  Think about it now and figure out what you and your date/spouse/sweetheart might both like to do.  If you love food, go out to eat or buy the gourmet ingredients for something impressive at home.  If you love wine or champagne, attend a tasting or go buy something special or sparkly, then pick up food or dessert to go with and plan a cozy evening in.  If you both like a little pampering, book a couples massage or find a spa that caters to both men and women and choose something nice.  Don’t stray too far from what you know is right – you probably know by now if your significant other loves to dress up and go out, or stay in away from the crowds.

Think of events and dates you have really enjoyed in the past – where do you both like to go, summer or winter?  It’s worth checking to see if there is a special event planned.  Look in the city where you live, or slightly out of town.  Are there events happening nearby that are worth checking out?  Many restaurants, facilities and attractions will host something special for Valentine’s Day – your job is to try to find something that’s a good fit and will be a great time.  Note:  it’s not always going to be the most expensive thing. It might be the one that suits you both best, or the most surprising one.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there is no magic formula for the perfect date. But if you plan ahead, think of what you both like to do, eat well, indulge in a rare sweet treat or beverage and make sure there is reminder of the evening (yes, like flowers, or chocolates or a gift) – you’re probably going to do just fine.

Happy planning!

Writer, editor, recovering chocoholic. Most often found writing, drinking coffee, and chasing kids. Find her on Twitter @littlemissmocha.

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Nanaimo has a Valentines day masquerade ball fundraiser!!! Tickets at the lighthouse bistro includes beer, burger, lots of.entertainment, prizes. Decorated to fit this romantic day. In support of the heart and stroke foundation.


    Jen Taylor

    Great suggestion! Thanks for commenting!

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