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Freshen up with fall decor ideas

Fall is one of my favourite times of year. People around me well know my affection for the dip in temperatures, the colours and the fresh start of September. But other than adding a layer or two, what can we do before the snow flies to really enjoy this time of year? How do we make sure we don’t sweep autumn away as quickly as the leaves we clear?

A good way to make sure we aren’t skipping over fall too quickly is to do some of the same things we do in other seasons – only find a way to do it appropriate to the time of year.

In spring and summer we plant flowers, buy hanging baskets to adorn our patios and set out garden decorations. We eat fresh, light foods that suit the weather. In winter, we hang holiday lights and many of us put up winter decorations of one sort or another, and we eat richer, heavier foods and do more baking in our cooler kitchens.

Now is our chance to find a middle ground. Rake your leaves, clear up your yards, absolutely. But what’s stopping you from displaying a few fall decorations?  You can purchase or make wreaths, fill vases and other interesting containers with natural items like twigs, pine cones or polished stones.  As you remove faded or withered annuals from pots outside, what’s stopping you from planting some winter hardy kale in its place for a little pop of freshness and colour? Many shops will still sell plants for fall – hardy mums and other tough specimens can take a bit of cool air. As people clean out their yards and garages this time of year, you may find good deals on used flowerpots, lanterns, small tables and chairs and other outdoor décor items by checking your local site. Act quickly and use your treasures until the snow flies. In the spring you’ll be happy you did and will have everything ready to go without paying full price for new items in the store.

This is such a beautiful time of year. We want to stop and enjoy it before it’s gone.

Here are some of our favourite fall décor ideas:

Do you decorate for fall?  What is your favourite from the ideas above?

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