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Spring Cleaning: Garage Makeover Time

Have you ever seen those organization systems that make your garage look like a sleek, futuristic storage zone? Don’t they make you jealous? I look at them, then look into my own garage and think – how do we get there from here? It’s a big undertaking, and one that seems to face us every spring and fall.  But when the sun comes out, and I’m ready to play, the last thing I want to do is spend a weekend cleaning out the garage.

What’s the plan?

Sneak out before the cold weather is quite done with us to do a little organizing, allowing full enjoyment when the sun shines later.

What’s lurking out there?

If your garage is anything like most people’s, it needs to fit a vehicle or two, tools and workspace, bicycles and athletic gear, seasonal storage like patio furniture, garden tools and lawnmower, garbage and recyclables, and long term storage items.  And after a long busy winter of not paying attention, it might look something like this out there:


After a long winter, dirt and muck have accumulated, clutter like extra cardboard and random storage items have been put outside but never dealt with. You’ve likely used tools and gear and not bothered to stay out in the cold long enough to put them away properly. Perhaps you’ve stored a few extra items without making room for them and there’s not enough space to move.

What’s on the to do list?

Clear garbage, and recyclables first. Make a pile of things to sell or donate if you have unwanted household items or leftover renovation materials. Put things away where they belong, and if they belong somewhere other than the garage, move them. If they don’t have a home, create one that makes sense and gets them out of the way. Add shelving, hang awkward items, and get as much off the floor as you can. Contain clutter in bins and boxes. Once you have things as tidy as possible, get cleaning. Dust or sweep off steps and work spaces. Clean doors, windows, and anything that’s been touched with dirty hands all winter or that shows the dirt easily. Sweep the floor thoroughly. If you have time, take your vehicles for a wash so they are clean in your neatly organized space.

With a little organization, come spring we’ll be ready to open the garage doors, let the kids out on their bikes and more without having to work in a crowded, dirty garage the first few weekends. Those first few sunny, warm days should be for enjoyment, not dirty work!

What challenges do you face in your garage? What are you storing in it? Any tips or tricks to share?

Writer, editor, recovering chocoholic. Most often found writing, drinking coffee, and chasing kids. Find her on Twitter @littlemissmocha.

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