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How to find that perfect new home

House shopping.

It’s like the ultimate do-over, isn’t it?

All your real estate sins of the past are washed away.  Shopping for a new house feels like an opportunity to change or fix what has bothered you in a current home – and it usually comes at a time when you welcome the change.  Finally, you can get exactly the right house, and everything will be perfect.  Right?


But more likely, the answer is “maybe not.”  After all, every house offers a different floor plan, a different division of space and storage and flow.  And as you discover new features you love, you realize you must let go of the house you own in order to accept the one you are buying.  You may gain space, and lose certain rooms you loved.  You may buy a brand new home, and give up your finished basement.  You may choose an older home in an area with tree-lined streets, only to curse the number of bathrooms.  You may wander in and out of new homes and wonder where on earth the kids will play, or how you will fit everything in your new kitchen.

It is never an easy task.

You will realize the things you are trying to fit into your new home are just that – things.  Some may need to find new homes in the house you have chosen, and some may need to find new owners to love them.  If so, it was time to let go of them anyway, and there are easy ways to do so.  You may have a few spots in your home that call for just the right piece of furniture, and start browsing for something to suit.  You may need new storage solutions, or a new shed.  All of these things will come together over time.

You realize each house offers its own unique features, and a happy home will be made in each one, whether by your family or another.

You’ll realize that this could be your home.

Or this.

Or this one.

Or this.

You’ll realize it’s more about you than the house.  And you have the ability to make yourself happy in any number of homes.

And grace will come.  You will figure out the features or qualities that are most important to you.  You will stand in a house where you can breathe and if you pay attention, you will imagine living in it.  You can summon up a picture of your kids playing on the front lawn, or scampering up and down steps.  You can envision drinking coffee in the kitchen, and you like the view out the window.

Suddenly, you will know which house to choose.  It will last through each discussion, each debate and offer more of what matters to you than any other.

You will say farewell to your old home, pack up every last box, load the truck and drive off to your new house.

You will gaze up and down your new street and know you have found your way home, again.




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