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Homemade kitchen: grow your own herbs

If you love to garden, love to cook or love to eat (perhaps all three?) you should be growing your own herbs. These are some of my favourite plants to grow, and I have been growing different varieties for over a decade. I have grown them in different climates, different areas of the country, in pots and in the ground. It’s always worthwhile.

Why grow your own herbs? Do some quick math with me. Did you know for every bunch of herbs you buy at the grocery store for three or five dollars, you could buy a small herb plant to grow in your yard? You can plant them in pots, in containers, in your garden and before long they will spread and grow – some more slowly than others, but still a summer’s worth of herbs for your enjoyment. When I grow herbs I put them in big pots and containers, then snip fresh herbs all summer. In late September before the first frost I cut all the extra growth I can and dry them on my dining room table to use all winter long.

Want to know another bonus to growing your own herbs? Some are perennials, which means they will return year after year if planted in the ground. You’ll have a regrowth next spring, ready to supply you with a tasty source of fresh flavour.

What are some good herbs to grow? I have had good luck with rosemary, sage, thyme, basil, chives, oregano, parsley (both curly and Italian flat leaf varieties) and once grew tarragon as tall as me by accident. I have grown chamomile, dill, lavender, and all kinds of mint. Some I grow because they taste delicious added to my food, others like mint, I grow out of curiosity or because I like the appearance of the plant. Some mints have leaves that smell delicious, other herbs have pretty flowers. If you really get into it, you could harvest leaves for tea, or collect lavender for your bath or to scent your home. For me it’s all about what goodness these fresh green plants can add to my food – visually and in flavour.

If you want to have a little fun with growing herbs, try growing them in unusual containers – recycled or reclaimed items often have just that perfect look to hold an attractive plant as a feature. Have a browse through your local site and imagine what you could do.

Here are some ideas to get you inspired:

I love this pallet planter with labelled spots for different herbs.

Try a hanging organizer to save on space and add a little visual interest.

These hanging horizontal herb planters are a cool look – can you guess what they are made from?

Don’t forget you can also grow herbs on a bright windowsill, or bring them in come fall.

Herbs will always look attractive grown in pots, and pots will keep them from spreading.

Try planting in an old wheelbarrow.

I simply adore these wooden wine crates, and used to use old wooden pop crates.


Have you grown herbs in your garden before? Indoors?  We’d love to hear your successes and challenges.


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3 Responses to “Homemade kitchen: grow your own herbs”


I planted basil, mint and parsley this year. Going to try cilantro next. LOVE herbs!!!


Mac James

Thanks for taking the time to write this article Jen. Herbs are in most of my meals and by growing them now i wont need to go to the local grocery store and waste three to five dollars.



Very informative post. I am also planning to develop an herb garden in my home. From the herb garden we not only have the fresh herbs to eat but also an herb garden look fabulous. I have recently read an article on herb garden and find it worth reading. If you want to read, you may refer this -


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