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Get your home ready for cold weather

There’s no turning back now. In most areas of the country, the temperatures have begun to drop and we have felt the chill of late fall.  Even if the afternoon sun warms you most days, there is no denying that frosty nights are on their way.

Most of us lightened everything we could when spring arrived.  We tossed aside sweaters and jackets, tucked boots into the back of the closet.  Extra blankets were moved from beds to closets.  We bought more fresh vegetables, prepared more salads.

Suddenly I am pulling socks onto my bare feet, and reaching for a blanket on the couch.  My furnace has been turned on for weeks, just for those chillier nights.  I crave soup, hot coffee, endless cups of tea.  My soul is begging for warmth, and it’s time to make preparations.

Don’t wait until you are actually cold.  With the first nip in the air, or at least the first frost, you should start adding the comforts that will keep you warm and cozy until spring.  There is something reassuring about bringing warmth and softness back into your home, so why hesitate?

Here’s what you do:

Add warm blankets to the foot of each bed, as well as to each couch.  Couches need more than one blanket – who wants to share a 5×5’ throw blanket?  Go bigger, or get two.  And make them soft to the touch, so they beg to be used.


Unpack your candles and add one or two to each room, and make a commitment to light them when you are going to be relaxing in a room.  It doesn’t have to be an occasion to have candles lit during dinner, either, but remember scented candles are best away from table.  Use unscented ones near food so there is nothing overshadowing the smell of good food.


Get your fireplace cleaned out and ready for warm fires, and order firewood if you need it.  A crackling fire doesn’t need to wait until the snow flies – in many areas, a chilly morning or evening is the perfect time to get a fire going.  If you have a gas fireplace, move anything that has migrated in front of the glass (the glass can become very hot) and don’t hesitate to turn it on while you watch television, read or even enjoy your first cup of coffee.


Don’t be shy about adding your favourite warming foods back to your menu planning.  Even a walk on a cool afternoon can make you chilly even once safely home.  Bring out your big soup pots, dig out your lasagna recipes and don’t be shy about putting a batch of muffins in the oven.


Remember when you used to take time for baths?  Did you stop?  A long, quiet soak in the tub can be good for our bodies and souls, so bring your most indulgent bath products right to the tub, use your best towels and pick out a couple of new paperbacks.  Put them all in your bathroom and pick a date to relax and let the warm water heat you to the bones.

Preparing your home for warmth and comfort can be a pleasing ritual if we embrace it.  Why not surround yourself with the things that will make you feel sheltered from even the coolest winds and weather?

What are your favourite things to do to get yourself and your home ready for the cold?

Writer, editor, recovering chocoholic. Most often found writing, drinking coffee, and chasing kids. Find her on Twitter @littlemissmocha.

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