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Get your grill on with a used BBQ

When the temperature spikes, outdoor cooking is a great way to keep from heating up your home. And who doesn’t enjoy a dinner grilled to delicious finish on a barbecue on the deck or patio?

The list of food ideas for the BBQ is endless, limited only by your imagination. Most cuts of beef can be grilled, and fish or seafood is almost better cooked out of doors to control food odours inside. Ground meats can be turned into juicy beef or turkey burgers. You can grill chicken breasts or whole chickens – who hasn’t heard of beer can chicken? Vegetables can be grilled whole or on skewers. Even some fruits can be cut in half and grilled to sweet caramelized perfection and served with ice cream or other toppings.


BBQ accessories are available anywhere, which can make your grilling easier but also a lot more fun. Tongs, brushes for adding sauces, grilling spices, cedar boards, wood chips, oven mitts, aprons, food skewers – you name it and someone has made one especially for the grill.

But what if a new BBQ just isn’t in the budget this year? A wander through the stores will quickly prove to you how seriously some people take their grilling. The prices start at semi-affordable and go up into the stratosphere. What to do?

Luckily, there are used BBQ listings everywhere you look, and the prices are more than reasonable. Why would anyone sell a BBQ before it needs retiring? Plenty of reasons! Perhaps they are moving cross-country and just aren’t able to move some of their outdoor items. Some people move into new homes, only to find a natural gas hookup out by the deck. Many of them are tempted into a new grill, leaving their previously owned propane BBQ in need of a new ready-to-grill owner like you! Other people are deeply immersed in grilling food and want bigger, better, larger grills. Some people need or love to feed a crowd.

Whatever the reason, it’s your opportunity to pick up a grill at a great price and enjoy your own outdoor cooking! Have a look at some of the features available in the grills you see, and consider your own needs before buying. How big a grill do you need? What kind of performance? Do you want side burners to cook extra dishes while you grill, or do you simply just want to be able to grill burgers and steaks for dinner? These are great questions to ask yourself before shopping. Keep in mind that having a second grill around can be perfect for large gatherings or parties, so even if you already have a BBQ it can be handy to pick up an extra so it’s easier to get everyone eating at the same time when you have people over.

We found a great assortment of brands and prices when we went looking:

$250 for a 2 year old Cuisinart BBQ (see photo below.)

$140 for a Kenmore BBQ.
$60 for a 3 year old BBQ with full tank of propane.
$45 for a Thermos BBQ.
$60 for a BBQ that was only used for one summer (see photo below.)

If your budget is really tiny, grab one for free.

If a simple, used barbecue isn’t enough for you, check out some of these items currently for sale:

Maybe you want new, but still want a deal. Here’s a new gas bbq for sale for $1500 (see photo below.)

What if you aren’t the outdoorsy type? Pick up a $25 used George Foreman grill.

And don’t forget you might find some accessories listed for sale too.

We found firestarters for use with barbecues, campfires or fireplaces (see photo below.)

We think you’ll agree it’s time to get outside and get grilling. We’d love to know what your favourite foods are to throw on the BBQ!  Share in the comments and maybe you’ll inspire others into new ideas!

Happy grilling!


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