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Fall upcycling: reclaimed wine barrels

Fall is one of my very favourite times of year.  Don’t get me wrong, spring and I are also good friends, but far before I would choose an endless summer, I would choose an autumn that lasted forever.

Years ago, I lived in the Okanagan, and joined the wine industry. Fall to wine lovers and winemakers always means a new harvest, plenty of work, and vineyards full of gorgeous fruit. I used to love being privy to that buzz, that thrill, and I think I will always secretly love anything to do with wine. I enjoy reading about it, shopping for it, and have even brought it into my home as a style inspiration.

How so? I have a giant wooden wine rack, wooden wine crates, and have always brought home pretty stemware and books on wine. I loved the feel of all that wood in our home, and the reminder that entertaining or a quiet night in could be as simple as popping a cork and putting my feet up.

If you are the do-it-yourself type, and live anywhere near a winemaking region, watch for opportunities to get your hands on used wine barrels. They can add a beautiful aged wood to any project on your list.

A list of ideas – from the simple to the gorgeous but complex:

You could use them as the base for tables – try using the whole barrel for a taller look with stools or for a buffet, or even just half barrels for a low table.

You could use them as rain barrels, adding a great and environmentally friendly solution to your garden.

You could serve your guests their wine and cheese from serving platters made from the barrel wood.

Here’s a stylish, but challenging idea – use the wood staves for a completely new, finished project – just look at these beautiful chairs!

I love these garden bridges, so easy to add over a pretty dry riverbed. I love the texture and detail these can add to gardens, so why not add a larger element that would really wow?

This chandelier would add a great rustic vibe to a dining area.

And last, but not least, the project I would love to do. If you really wanted to go crazy, you could incorporate them into a home renovation. Look at this beautiful floor! I would love to do this in a home.

Imagine combining the rustic beauty of aged wood with the romance of winemaking in your decor!

What would be your favourite way to bring this look into your home?


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