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Do you make resolutions each January?

Do you tackle January with a plan?  Or do you prefer to let change come more naturally throughout the year?

Why not find a balance of both?  Think of what you missed out on this year, what you wished you had taken time for. Any regrets?  Any wishes?  Any dreams?  Give yourself a piece of paper and create a few categories. Nothing fancy, just a few rough areas of your life that take your time, your energy.  Then brainstorm a few good things you’d like to add in each area.  Silly things, serious things.  Goals or dreams.  Needs and wants. Trips to the gym and France.

This is your list, after all.

Don’t make rules.  Don’t scold yourself.  And don’t make lists of things to give up.  Look to add, to give, to share, to build and to create.  Celebrate the good things you already do, and add more.  This is where a good year lies.

What might your categories be?  Here are a few suggestions, and a few good things one might decide to add in each.  Yours may look completely different.


How much family time did you have this year?  Did you crave more?  Did you plan enough fun and relaxation? Who did you spend time with? Who didn’t you see enough of?  Who would you like to reach out to in the new year?


How do you feel when you walk into your home?  Does it welcome you? Do you feel comfortable there?  Are you pleased to invite people over? What could you do this year to make room for how you want to live? What should you get rid of? Purge the things that you don’t love, and bring in things you do.  Plan projects that will keep your hands and mind busy creating.


Do you love your work? How do you spend your time? Do you feel passionate about it? Do you feel valued?  Did you commit yourself to it fully?  What could you change this year so that you feel inspired in your work?


How do you feel as you wind up your year? Are you well-rested, calm and healthy?  If not, why not?  What can you do to care for yourself more in the new year?  Are there good habits you can bring into your routine?  Are there health appointments you’ve been putting off?  Are there care providers or resources you could be consulting for help?


What fueled your passions this year? How did you spend your leisure time? Was it filled with experiences and people who inspire you? Was it filled with too much television? Did you travel?  Where would you like to go in the new year? What gifts do you have to share with those around you?

As you return to work, to life, to routine in January, make sure you have memories full of sweet celebrations and champagne bubbles, not minds full of rules and regulations.

Cheers to a wonderful new year.

Now go fill it up.

Writer, editor, recovering chocoholic. Most often found writing, drinking coffee, and chasing kids. Find her on Twitter @littlemissmocha.

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