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DIY or ready to enjoy: used patio furniture to the rescue!

Spring has arrived (well, for most of the country, anyway, though a few of us are still peeking out at random flurries interrupting our spring sunshine). In Canada, the arrival of nice weather is cause for much celebration. When the sun shines, people’s moods improve, we are more active and generally our well-being seems to increase overall. We love the return of the warmth, and we want to enjoy it.

But all winter we have burrowed into couches and blankets, beds and comforters. Fuzzy socks and fireplaces have been our loyal companions. What now?

It’s time to change gears, and fast. Our warm seasons don’t last long, so don’t wait! It’s time to put the flip flops and sandals by the backdoor, sweep off that deck or patio, and take your life outside. Yes, most of what you are doing could be moved outdoors, with a little planning. Play and recreation, absolutely. Meals, why not? If you have a home office, drag that laptop and coffee cup out into the morning sunshine.

You’re going to need to claim the space, aren’t you? How’s it looking out there? If your deck or patio isn’t welcoming enough, there are quick ways to make it attractive and usable. Start browsing your local used site for patio or deck furniture. You’re sure to find some ready to go pieces that can have you outside sipping your favourite beverage in no time.

Are you all about making life easy? If you want to keep it simple, have a look for sets and pieces that are ready to pop into place and start using. The key here is simple designs, classic materials and colours that work with what you have already or are neutral enough to blend in.

Here are a couple of examples we found that would be easy to enjoy immediately:

Retro deck chairs on


Maybe you’re more a of a DIY person? We’ve got you covered too. Sometimes there are great deals to be had on items that just need a fresh take on style, or some quick repair. Imagine a plain wicker patio set modernized with a coat of black paint? Or livened up with your favourite bright colour? Pick up a few accent pillows and you’ve got a gorgeous new look. Just be sure to choose materials and products that lend themselves to outdoor use – ask at your local home store for guidance, they are usually happy to offer advice.

Something like this 5 piece wicker furniture set would lend itself to a new project if you’re itching to spend a weekend making things just so:

Wicker furniture set on Lots of DIY possibilities here.

When all is said and done, don’t forget you may need to cover up your new pieces – especially if you’ve gone to the work of a custom spray paint job or added fabric pillows. Everything you put outside should be weatherproof but it can still be a shame to have wet cushions for two days after a rainstorm. If you don’t have room to store them inside, try a deck box or look for a simple cover to place over the set in inclement weather.

A basket with sunscreen, insect repellent, and flip flops by the back door will encourage your craving for the outdoors. Place a few pots of brightly coloured flowers around your deck, and a pretty centrepiece on your table, and you’re ready to enjoy.

How much time do you spend on your deck or patio in the warm weather? Do you eat outside as often as you can? Lounge when it’s sunny with a book? How are you using your space?

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