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Bubble blowing: spring activity for kids

Most of us remember blowing bubbles as kids. Our memories are full of images of brightly-coloured wands dripping soapy water all over our front steps or back porches and bubbles sailing off in the wind. We competed to see who could blow the largest bubbles, and whose bubbles would last longest before popping. Any of us who grew up to have kids are sure to pass this activity along to them…it’s too much fun to miss out on. It’s also a great early spring activity, when the kids want to play outside and would love some water play but it’s too cold for hoses and water guns.

Tips and tricks:

Ask anyone who takes their bubble blowing seriously and they will tell you that making your own solution at home is the trick that will make all the difference. You’ll get bigger, longer lasting bubbles – and isn’t that the point?

Here is a homemade bubble solution recipe that I’m dying to try.

As simple as bubble blowing can be, there are a few other tips and tricks that can make the whole process more fun for you and the kids. Give kids small amounts of liquid if they want to play independently, and keep a larger container out of reach so adults can assist with refills. If it’s cool out, put your kids in rubber boots as they likely will drip. In warm weather, let them go barefoot. Shop for different types of bubble blowers – small to start, large wands, different shapes or try making your own. Remember bubbles can also be blown in the bathtub in inclement weather or to help very young children enjoy bathtime.

Unique ideas to shake up your bubble time:

A make-your-own bubble blowing station 

Water bottle bubble fun for small kids who struggle to blow bubbles

Can you freeze a bubble?

Beaded bubble wand craft perfect for older kids or a party activity


Bubble or soapy solutions can make surfaces slippery so use caution with young kids standing on wooden decks, steps or other smooth surfaces. I like to let my kids blow bubbles on the grass so there is no risk of falling.

Warn your kids that getting bubbles or soap in their eyes can sting and encourage them to keep their hands away from their eyes and faces. A bucket of clean water nearby or even a towel or clean cloth can be handy if someone crosses paths with a wayward bubble.

Don’t forget to take pictures! Blowing bubbles can make for some great candid shots as kids concentrate on blowing, then break into laughter or chase and reach for bubbles.

Bubbles can be a great, easy party theme for a young child. Their simple but appealing shape can be repeated throughout the decorations, the blowing itself can be an activity for any young children present, and guests can take home bubble blowing supplies as their take away treat or loot bag.

Do your kids love to blow bubbles?  Any tips or fun ideas to share with us?

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