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Blackboard inspiration and DIY ideas

As a parent, I am always looking for ideas that combine both fun and learning for my kids. If it gets them curious and engaged, but has a layer of educational value, I’m all in.

One thing I have always loved are chalkboards to get kids writing and doodling. There is something about the freedom of easily erasing your mistakes that allows kids to dare a little more or try what they might not want to with pen and paper, so they make that first attempt at printing their names, or try to draw what is in their imagination, going just that little bit further.

How can we add a bit of a twist to this old standby?

A blackboard can be as simple as a large pre-made board purchased and hung on a wall in your home. You can buy these new in office supply stores or large department stores, but they can often be bought used as people switch over to whiteboards in offices, schools and other organizations. Blackboards can be a little dusty but a huge benefit for parents is that chalk is easily cleaned off small hands and clothing and even nearby floors and furniture. I’m still nervous about letting my five-year-old have markers anywhere but parked safely at a table.

My plan is to buy a large chalkboard and use it outside for the summer. If I can find a larger board I will hang it from or prop it against my fence, but a smaller one could be fastened to my deck railing.

Look how clever this can be – and so easy to wash up or rinse off!

Outdoor blackboard

Outdoor chalkboard with flower decorations

If this doesn’t allow you enough freedom or you’d like to experiment with the idea in your home, stop and pick up some chalkboard paint and paint a wall, small items or even furniture!

Blackboard wall

Herb pots with chalk paint

Dresser with chalkboard drawer fronts – label where items go or get creative!

Here is someone selling a dresser with blackboard paint already in place. I found this one on, see below for more useful links.


Do you have a chalkboard in your home? Would you put one outside on your fence or paint a piece of furniture? Would you ever paint an entire wall or portion of a wall with chalk paint?

We’d love to hear how you’re using this idea in your home!

Useful links

Gently Used furniture


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