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Barn board: the potential in reclaimed wood

Who can resist the charm of a worn piece of wood, one that shows its history like a map? Not everywhere, not in every room. I love a clean, polished piece of furniture as much as the next person. But for certain projects and areas, I have a soft spot for anything made from reclaimed wood – the kind of wood often rescued from old barns and farm buildings.

I especially love these elements in an outdoor setting.  I have planted herbs in old wooden pop crates, and done my gardening at a weathered potting bench. Outdoor benches and tables? Yes, please.

However, there is no denying the character this wood can add to an indoor space. Can it be used for shelving, storage and other unique pieces? Absolutely it can. Is it worth considering using the wood in home design and décor projects? Yes, it is.

Just look at the character in the wood. Imagine what you could do. The more I see, the more I want. A little browse through your local site might be all you need to get started.

Love the look but can’t decide where to start? Let these projects inspire you to ideas of your own!

Barn board frames

Garden markers

Wood initial letter sign

Barn wood fume hood

Barn board used as wainscoting

Mason jar storage

Barn wood teatowel holder

And what might be the ultimate in barn wood charm:

Reclaimed wood sliding door

Is there a spot in your home or yard for the charm of weathered wood with a story to tell? Perhaps on a back porch or in a sunroom? What project tempts you most?

For your inspiration, here’s a link to some gorgeous wood we’ve found on our local sites.

Antique Barn Wood on

Reclaimed Rough Cut Lumber on

Oak and Maple Crates on


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Jim Lambrick

FYI Peerless ‘makes’ barnboard and other interesting character panel board for feature walls and rustic siding. Leaving the real barnboard on the barns…


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