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Baker’s Rack Makeover

What is it about a simple baker’s rack that makes my mind spin with ideas? These are a familiar fixture in many kitchens, often purchased as a simple wooden storage unit. These versions are practical, but what really catches me are the metal baker’s racks.

With their scrolled tops, curvy lines and simple elegance, a metal baker’s rack can add grace and storage to your kitchen. I far prefer making them a focal point. To do this, pick a certain type of item to store or feature on the rack – turn it into a coffee bar with all your supplies, coffeemaker, espresso machine and mugs, or display all your vintage bakeware and rolling pins. Choose a theme and play it up for maximum effect. I found the baker’s rack below on, check your site to find your own.

What about taking a baker’s rack out of the kitchen? Empty off all the dishes and canisters and look at the shape, the colour, the lines of your piece. Do you have an oversized bathroom that could use some storage? Roll towels and store them in the shelves and display pretty bath items in glass jars. Keep all the colours similar for a streamlined, spa-like feel. Check out this one from The Little Mrs.

Another charming idea is to take your baker’s rack outside. Spray it with a weather-proof coating if need be, but imagine it used as a potting bench. Store containers of soil and peat moss on the bottom shelves, hang a few garden tools along the metal and display terra cotta pots waiting for planting along the top shelves. Two or three pots of herbs can take a permanent home on the main counter and you have a handy place for repotting plants, trimming herbs or deadheading flower baskets. Here’s a great example from Upstairs Downstairs.

I would also love to see one used to display a special collection – perhaps you have a collection of travel books or souvenirs from a memorable trip. You could store all your photo albums and display a few framed photos on one.

Last but not least, I love a baker’s rack turned into a festive cocktail station. Display all your best martini shakers, accessories, glassware and fancy napkins. Add a silver or brightly coloured tray to hold bottles and decanters. Add a few old-fashioned touches like an ice bucket to finish the look. You can use this as a permanent fixture in your home to keep all your entertaining pieces together or move it to wherever the party is when you entertain. It would be fantastic on a patio or deck for an outdoor party or near your dining room for a cool weather gathering. In my house, it would be easy to turn a baker’s rack into a wine bar: store a few wines, display glassware, decanters, wine books and more all in one spot. For a visual visit: Home Gallery Stores.

Do you have one of these racks already in your home?  They can be purchased used (like the one in the photo above) and turned into anything you like, you just need to use your imagination!

Writer, editor, recovering chocoholic. Most often found writing, drinking coffee, and chasing kids. Find her on Twitter @littlemissmocha.

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