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10 Things to Organize Today

Okay, we know how it is sometimes. Life gets busy, we say yes to too many commitments and suddenly the plate being full just isn’t a dramatic enough metaphor.

These are the things we often spend the most time looking for, and if we don’t manage them properly, we will always be in crisis mode. For today, if you can’t get to the toys, to the off-season clothing, the garage or the storage room, it’s okay. Today, make a permanent spot in your home for these ten things and commit to placing them there every time you set them down. How to decide on that perfect spot? Make it convenient, make room for the item so there is an obvious and permanent spot for it and then use it. If you have small children, choose spots that are up high or out of reach for the most valuable items. We all know kids who have “recycled” car keys or tried to flush an iPhone.

    1. Keys – The best bet for keys is usually a hook right by the door you use most frequently. Put up a stylish set of hooks or key rack and use it, every day, without fail. If you have a nice entry table, you can also use a decorative bowl to toss keys into.
    2. Sunglasses (or prescription or reading glasses) – These are always tricky because they are breakable and you are often taking them off at random times. You may need two places – a glass case in a purse or a shelf by your keys for when you are at home, and a case in your car.
    3. iPhones, Blackberries, Android phones – These have become our lifelines, haven’t they? Don’t let the kids play with yours, don’t leave them on the couch. Keep them on you, or in a convenient spot where you charge them.
    4. Homework – Schoolwork needs to stay in kids’ backpacks unless it is being worked on, then back it goes safely into the bag. Have a designated spot for kids to work like the kitchen table or their own desk so homework doesn’t migrate to basements, family rooms, or top bunks.
    5. Purse/wallet – Choose a spot near your most commonly used entrance (or for wallets, wherever you typically take it out of your pocket.) A shelf in the front closet works for purses and keeps little hands away. Wallets can be dropped near keys or on a tray on a bedroom dresser.
    6. Kids’ backpacks – Hang hooks near your door, one per kid, and insist that backpacks be hung up each day. We do this and it keeps the bags at hand, off the floor, and ready to grab in the morning.
    7. Bills to pay – The last thing you want is to incur late fees or interest charges because you didn’t pay something on time. Have a spot on your desk where you stack new bills, or keep a stash of them clipped together by your computer.
    8. Uniforms or outfits for extracurricular activities – Make it a habit to wash any uniforms, dance costumes and the like immediately and put them back into whatever sports bag or duffel your child uses. The same goes with sports gear or special footwear – make a bag for that sport or activity and keep it ready to grab and go.
    9. Library books – Don’t let them get lost in kids’ rooms or get tidied up into the family bookcase. Make a spot somewhere obvious – we keep ours tucked in a corner of the kitchen counter and it’s easy to grab them to return them on library day.
    10. Remote controls – These need a home in each room. Get yourself a container or tray for the coffee table to toss them into so they aren’t constantly slipping down into the couch.

What are the items that commonly go astray in your home? Do you have solutions to share?

Writer, editor, recovering chocoholic. Most often found writing, drinking coffee, and chasing kids. Find her on Twitter @littlemissmocha.

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