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You can learn a lot about a city from their local site

They say you can tell a lot about a city based on it’s buy and sell trends. And by “they” we mean us.

Is it possible, can it be, that hundreds of people searched the term “ardboard box?” (*No, we didn’t forget the C… you did Halifax!) I’m not one to cast dispersions but in at number four and five of the most searched for items on are “barrels” and “bar stool” respectively. Getting a little merry are you Halifax? Also making their top ten are “Honda ATC,” and “amplifier.” Bikes, booze and blasting your gee-tar. Halifax, you’re a badass. Read more.

Oh you classy bunch Ottawa. No Instagram filtered photos for your family album, oh no. Your top search term is “Nikon.” You are artists. Good work on undoing the civil servant stereotype. Let it not be said that you’re all politics and agriculture. Until you scroll down the list and see an astounding amount of searches for “tractors” and “sheds.” Be true to yourself Ottawa! Read more.

Well PEI, we know what you do on an evening if your most searched for items are anything to go by. “PS3” tops your list and “recliner” isn’t far off. What next? Slanket? That said, you’re a diverse bunch. Also in your top five are “Honda CB,” “ATV” and “kayak.” Play hard PEI, play hard. Read more.

Those prairie dwellers are simple folk. Their number one search term? “Purse.” Yup, just purse. No colour, no brand, no fuss. Just a no nonsense functional purse thank you. But a word to the wise, if you’re selling that purse, don’t expect the full asking price. Of all the cities in all the world, Regina is the only one with “obo” as a top ranking search term. Regina also tops the board with the most random search of the year. Tens of thousands of people looking for an aquarium. It’s like Muhammed and the mountain, except with Regina and the ocean. Read more.

Vancouver. One of the most expensive places to live on the planet and don’t we know it. “BMW” tops their most popular search terms. But Vancouverites are not your standard flash city types. As well as expensive cars and boats, they’re also looking for “looms,” which is the third most searched for term on, followed by “Boxer dogs” and “camper vans”. Did someone say “hipster?” And yet, not hip enough to know that Craigslist is quite possibly the ugliest website ever. Hey Craigslist, 1996 called; they want their blue Times New Roman font back. Read more.

Oh Victoria, so desperate for your own IKEA it’s not just the number one search term, it’s also the number two. Because by god, if someone used a small i rather than a capital I in their IKEA ad, you will track them down.

Solidifying their spot as crunchiest city in Canada, Victorians are also on the hunt for “lululemon” because who doesn’t want to wear somebody else’s crotch hugging yoga pants? And coming in as the fourth most searched for term is “chickens” – backyard chickens are a trendy thing in the Capital Region. So if you ever want to stereotype the West Coast, go right ahead. Read more.






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10 Responses to “You can learn a lot about a city from their local site”

Brooke Takhar

1. Fantastic idea
2. Somehow you ride the line of hilarious and just mean enough.
3. Just purse. Ahahahaha.


    Amber R Bosma

    Thanks Brooke, we were a little worried about offending our users who we of course love and appreciate! We are of course poking fun at ourselves too! I may have searched for IKEA AND Chickens on

Lina Zussino

Now why doesn’t it surprise me that IKEA is at the top for Victoria… followed by lulu and chickens! Too funny. Perhaps I guilty of that too. Maybe that is a great indication that we should have a location on the island. Thanks for sharing, very interesting.


Andrea @Mama in the City

LOL! I had a big giggle at the Victoria one. My family over there would LOVE their own Ikea!


Kristyl Clark

Such a cool post!! I wonder what Langley folks are searching?



I would hate to thing of all the weird things I’ve searched for to buy used!


    Amber R Bosma

    You will be amazed by all the weird things we get posted for sale on our sites. Probably much weirder than what you search for! – Amber


So what you’re saying is I need to move to Halifax…..


    Amber R Bosma

    Or is that Alifax? Our buy and sell bad boy, maybe I will join you 🙂 Amber

Marissa Schillemore

I’ve got to say I’ve searched chickens, ikea , sectional, iPad & dressers 🙂 we are all so silly … Why do so many people search the same items in each location … So crazy


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