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PEI, What Do Your Buy and Sell Searches Say About You?

Does the P in PEI stand for Prince or does it stand for PLAY HARD? Because judging by your top ten search terms on, that’s what you folk like to do. Fun!

“PS3” tops your most searched for terms, with “recliner” coming in at number six. Nothing like being comfortable while you game. But you don’t just play at home, you like to get outside too. “Kayak,” “Honda CB” and “ATV” are all in your top ten search terms. Seriously PEI, do you ever go to work? And another thing. Why are so many of you searching for “lobster?”

PEI’s Top 10 Buy and Sell Searches

  1. PS3
  2. iPhone
  3. Kayak
  4. ATV
  5. Honda CB
  6. Recliner
  7. Lobster
  8. Mustang
  9. iPod
  10. Celica

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