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Vancouver, What Do Your Buy and Sell Searches Say About You?

Oh Vancouver, quite possibly the hippest city in Canada. Apart from your continuous obsession with Craigslist. What IS that about?

When you’re not walking your hip “boxer” along the coastline, you’re cruising around in your hip “camper van” before heading home to sit and weave at your hip “loom.” And if you’re not hip, it’s because you don’t need to be. Why? Because you’re filthy rich of course.

Any city where the top 10 search terms include several boats, “BMW” and “horse trailer” can only mean one thing: we can’t afford to live there.

Vancouver’s Top 10 Buy and Sell Searches

  1. Boxer
  2. Camper Van
  3. Loom
  4. Hewscraft
  5. BMW
  6. Horse Trailer
  7. Westfalia
  8. Arima
  9. Sierra
  10. Audi

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