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Victoria, What Does Your Buy and Sell Site Say About You?

Only in Victoria is IKEA considered premium imported furniture. So desperate are Victorians to get their hands on the Scandinavian equivalent of pure gold, that “IKEA” hits the number one search spot on our sites, as well as the number two. That’s right, lower or uppercase i makes no difference to this island bunch, if there is an IKEA furniture ad on our site, they will stop at nothing to hunt it down.

In at number three, and cementing Victoria’s spot as crunchiest city in Canada (just wait until number four) is “lululemon.” Not sure we’d want to wear someone else butt hugging yoga pants but each to their own. Namaste.

Number four is, you guessed it (of course you didn’t), chickens. Backyard chickens have hit the media a few times in 2013 and are absolutely de rigueur for any true Islander. So that West Coast stereotype?  Stereotype or absolute fact?

Victoria’s Top 10 Buy and Sell Searches

  1. Ikea
  2. ikea
  3. lululemon
  4. Chickens
  5. Diesel
  6. Sectional
  7. Dresser
  8. BMW
  9. TDI
  10. iPad

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One Response to “Victoria, What Does Your Buy and Sell Site Say About You?”

IKEA fan

There’s no IKEA store in Victoria — the closest one (Richmond, BC) is behind union-supported picket-line, and the next-closest one is in Burnaby. So, you need to take your automobile onto the ferry from Vancouver Island to the Mainland (figure about $100 for car-and-driver, one-way). Thus, it’s much cheaper to “buy-local-used” rather than “buy-new” from half-a-day’s-travel away.


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