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Regina, What Do Your Buy and Sell Searches Say About You?


Regina. You take the title of Canada’s thriftiest city.

As the only site that specifically searches for the term “obo” which of course means “or best offer,” we applaud you. So smart.

But remember, don’t shy away from the barter. In the future, even if “obo” doesn’t appear in the ad, lowball them, it’s always worth a try; you might grab yourself an even better bargain. You didn’t hear that from us.

The rest of your top ten search terms? Well not quite as fascinating really. Or as smart. “Purse” comes in at number one. Yep. Purse. Nothing fancy about that. Then in at number two is “aquarium.” There is something strange about tens of thousands of people all searching for an aquarium in the same city. A case of Muhammed and the mountain, but with Regina and the ocean?

In at number three is “Avon,” apparently it’s still 1959 in Regina. “Ding dong, Avon calling!” Heads up to all the Saskatchewan Avon ladies out there, we have some buyers for you. Get your inventory on pronto!

Regina’s Top 10 Buy and Sell Searches

  1. Purse
  2. Aquarium
  3. Avon
  4. obo – or best offer
  5. iPhone
  6. Piano
  7. TV
  8. ipad
  9. iPad
  10. Dresser

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