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Toronto, what do your buy and sell searches say about you?

Oh Toronto, you’re so manly. Your top 10 buy and sell searches of 2013 include motorbikes, cars, diesel and utility trailers. And look, there’s “desk” in there as search term number three. Smart too eh?  At number 10 is “ids.” Artistic as well? Oh wow Toronto. I think we’ve found the perfect specimen of Canadian. Wouldn’t you agree? But of course you would. It’s just the rest of the country that needs to get onboard with that.

But what’s this, “warhammer” and “paintball” and “ps2” at numbers six, seven and eight respectively? Well I guess when your hockey team hasn’t won the cup since 1967, you’ve got to eventually find games you’re good at.

Toronto’s Top Ten Buy and Sell Searches

  1. 5.9
  2. Datsun
  3. Desk
  4. Diesel
  5. Utility Trailer
  6. Warhammer
  7. Paintball
  8. PS2
  9. 125
  10. 1ds

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