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Weirdest/Creepiest Finds on Sites

There can be some really weird and creepy stuff on the sites. This is especially true of the Halloween season. Or maybe it’s just my reaction to perfectly normal items. Check out what I found when I went searching for the weirdest things for sale on our sites this season.

Why Are Old Dolls So Creepy?

I came across quite a few creepy old dolls and a lot of dolly accessories. This old doll from was one of the creepiest looking vintage dolls, for sure. The cracks in the head and limbs and the weird amount of space between the legs makes me wonder whether this dolly is supposed to be a baby or an adult. And I think it’s being displayed in a fridge.

Does it Put You on Edge?

On a razor’s edge. This isn’t really creepy, in fact it’s kind of cool. A vintage razor could make a great gift for a collector, but at this time of year all I can think of is Sweeney Todd. Found on

Double Double Toil and Trouble

Howsabout some old potion bottles to go with your vintage razor? This collector on has hundreds for sale. Still with the original labels, these beauties are very old and have a certain creepiness.


Grandad Emptied His Pockets

Does your grandad have twenty or more pockets in his jacket? Mine did and this collection – a mixed bag of stuff on – is exactly what would have fallen out of them were they ever emptied. A bit weird, but also endearing.

A Billion Used Bras For Sale

Is it just me, or is it strange to have this many bras? One or two bras to sell – okay – that seems fair, but scan through the pictures and see that there are over 28 bras available. Okay, so not creepy, but I do find it to be a little bit weird. They look like great bras, though, so I hope they are all purchased by happy bra-buyers.

I Would Hate to Be Scared By This Mask

Masks are so scary. This Halloween Tree Moudshroud mask is totally creepy and beats many of the other masks I have come across. It seems that people on really enjoy masks, costumes, and anything Halloween.

Snake for a Pet

I realize that owning a snake is not weird for a lot of people, but the idea of having a python, like this one on could creep some people out.

Buy a Funeral Plot on a Used Site

It’s probably not how it sounds; buy a funeral plot – the old bones come out and the new body goes in. Even though buying a funeral plot online sounds weird, it’s a completely legitimate and widely used service. I appreciate the people who do this because this just gives me the creepy crawlies (as well as the heebie jeebies). Thank you, to those who have posted their funeral plots on

In closing, the days just before Halloween become more and more creepy, and this is true of sites. Browse around online for Halloween costumes, and have some fun searching the sites for the weirdest things all year round. Best place to look for creepy finds? Home » Art » Other Antiques.

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did you notice the tree Tree Moudshroud mask
the guys address is on elm st



Nothing creepy here


    Amber R Bosma

    Lol. We will try harder next time… though I’m personally hoping ads don’t get creepier. Amber

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