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Weird and wacky June

It’s time to get weird again with this month’s assortment of strange items found across Canada on – an artsy orchestra of ukuleles

Unfortunately (or fortunately), these painted ukuleles have had their strings removed so there will be no attempts to play the background music to our DIY videos. – Antique horse buggy

Found inside a barn after 75 years, all this horse buggy needs is a new wheel, and of course a horse. – golden arches

Interested in joining a franchise, but don’t want to pay those large franchise fees and royalties? Well why not just buy a golden arch? – morse code blinker

With this morse code blinker think of all the fun you could have sharing jokes with passing sailors! Just don’t confuse L.O.L. with S.O.S. – elephant tapestry

I wanted to go to Africa to see elephants in the wild, but after finding this tapestry, I’m not so sure. I thought elephants just ate peanuts…They don’t do this in real life, do they? – guitar letter openers

Rock stars might not open their fan mail, but they still get bills. Invoices for trashed hotel rooms, property taxes on multiple mansions and the occasional blackmail demand can all be opened with a guitar letter opener.

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Originating from Roberts Creek B.C. Harrison Kamermans can be found scavenging the free section of

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