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Weird and creepy Halloween finds on

To some people Halloween is more important than Christmas. If you spend more time planning and making Halloween costumes than on Christmas gifts, you may be one of “those people.” If your pumpkin carvings are a neighbourhood spectacle, or you own an inflatable Halloween lawn decoration larger than a Christmas tree, then you’re definitely one of “those people.”

We’ve searched across Canada on for people just like you and we’ve come up with the best, worst, weirdest, and creepiest Halloween finds.

Halloween costume modelling

We absolutely love it when sellers model their own Halloween costumes for sale. The photos on the packaging of store bought costumes are just so boring. With white backgrounds and uniform models they never truly represent how cheesy the costume is in real life.

On there’s a collection of costumes for rent including the shiny face bee, a Smurf garden gnome hybrid, and Snow White with seven tall ghosts, um I mean dwarfs.

They call Victoria the land of newly-weds and nearly dead, so it’s no surprise to find the grim reaper on Too spooky? How about an adorable pink poodle. Also from is a couple costume of the Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts…one of them isn’t too happy about it.

From we have the dinosaur businessman. Just add a retro brick cellphone.

Regina wins with this terrifying McDonalds’ crew, three Mini-Wheats, and Scrooge McDuck with his family in freezing weather all found on

Witches in Winnipeg

Every neighbourhood has to have at least one house with  Halloween decorations that are motion activated and makes spooky noises. The cackle made by these witches from aren’t guaranteed to scare your visitors, but are certain to annoy you after twenty trick or treaters.

Vintage mid-century modern spooky

It’s not meant to be a Halloween decoration, but this strawberry face from is weird enough to make this list! As says the seller it’s “funky and slightly creepy.”

Multipurpose skull

Got a big Halloween budget? How about a $500 Texas Longhorn skull from There are so many uses for this other than Halloween, it could be a Thanksgiving centre piece or even a car hood ornament.

Pet Tarantula

I’ll be respectful of certain phobias that readers may have and not share a photo of this one. But if you’re not afraid of spiders check out this furry Tarantula on, it looks so cuddly! Some parents get their kids a fish to teach them some responsibility before they’re allowed to have a dog or cat, in the case of this Tarantula the owner says: “my son got him and now has decided he wants a goat.”

Creepy portraits

To finish off your Halloween home decor you absolutely must have a creepy portrait of an ancient ancestor. For example these two found on could pass as my aunt and uncle who mysteriously disappeared 100 years ago today. Did his eyes just move?

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Originating from Roberts Creek B.C. Harrison Kamermans can be found scavenging the free section of

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