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Best vintage mid-century modern teak furniture

You may think that Denmark’s main export is Lego and pastries, but it’s actually vintage teak furniture. Here’s a sneak peek at all the teak on

A few years ago a relative gave me a wood frame couch from their old office. I thought it made great patio furniture until a neighbour scolded me for having a teak mid-century modern couch outside in the sun! It’s faded a little and the wood is a bit rough to the touch, but now it’s back inside recuperating.

As an apology to the Danish furniture makers, I’ve replaced the deteriorating foam inside the vintage orange cushions and next I’ll be treating the couch to a teak oil massage.

In the past year some 80,000 people have searched for teak, and more than 20,000 people have searched for mid-century modern furniture on the sites. Suddenly I feel the weight of these 100,000 people judging me for my furniture abuse!

Here’s what we found on our sites this month:

Vintage 1960s mid century modern teak chairs

The simplicity of teak furniture design compared to traditional ornate vintage furniture makes it, as said by the seller of these two chairs on, “Beautiful from every angle.”

Teak sofa and dining chair

Nothing says vintage like the oatmeal coloured upholstery of this Danish couch or the original black Naugahyde* of this dining chair both found on

*Today I learned that Naugahyde is a brand of pleather popular in the 1960s.

Vintage 1950’s Hi-Fi

Okay, so not everything has to be made from teak to be cool, like this vintage 1950’s Hi-Fi cabinet found on and made of mahogany.

Mid century modern teak sunburst/starburst clock

Clocks were a bit crazier back in the 1960s. It must have been a wild time to live in according to this teak star clock on

Vintage nesting tables

I like to think that nesting tables, like these ones found on, were inspired by Russian nesting dolls.

Mid-century modern wall unit

I can just imagine this wall unit  on (imported from Denmark of course) holding a treasure trove of trinkets and records with another crazy clock beside it.

The beauty of teak furniture is usually matched by it’s price. Use our links below to increase your chances of finding a deal.

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Originating from Roberts Creek B.C. Harrison Kamermans can be found scavenging the free section of

10 Responses to “Best vintage mid-century modern teak furniture”

Irene Belcher

i want to sell a used teak bookcase in Winnipeg – do you buy and are you interested?


    Amber R Bosma

    I advise you use for a quick sale.


    Hi there,

    Do you still have this bookcase?

    Amber R Bosma

    Hi Nicole, you would have to click through to the ad and check if it was still available. If not, then I would set up an alert for either bookcase, teak bookcase or teak and then every time a piece comes on to the site, you will receive an email.


I have a similar sofa which needs to have the foam replaced.
However, there’s more to the inside of the cushions than just foam. There’s the spring-wired frame that makes these furniture durable and comfy.
My question: Where to find an upholsterer with knowledge of Danish mid-century furniture?




    could you send me a picture of the couch!


Vijay Shah

I have teak dining table, 6 side chairs and two captains chair. Also matching Buffet and hutch. Canadian make
and bought from Scandinavian furniture store in 1979.
These are in very good condition. We are downsizing and two big for new home.
Also want to sell teak coffee table and two side tables.



    Post this on one of our city sites if it is still available for sale.


I live in B.C. but I also have a teak table (top has water stains at one end) , 6 chairs and a sideboard (in excellent condition). I am trying to find out what they are worth. Do you have any idea?



    Hey Brenda! I just checked out some appraisers in Victoria where we are located…I found a few, but Lund’s looks like the only one that might do furniture! You could also look at our city sites and see if there is anything similar posted that could give you an idea! Good luck!

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