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Weird and Wacky March: Classified Crimefighter

Last month the Victoria Police Department partnered with to help owners find their stolen property.  Items recovered in police busts are now posted in the found section with the hashtag #IsThisYours.

Now all of us at the HQ feel like vigilantes, so this month’s Weird and Wacky is dedicated to the boys and girls in blue!

Used Accessories for Walking the Beat

With our new found sense of authority we’ll have to start looking the part. A police badge, belt, and pin from, and a constable’s helmet from should do the trick. Can you guess which one of these accessories is authentic?

If you guessed the badge, belt, or pin you’re wrong. “Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.” If you picked the Bermudan constable’s “Bobby-style” helmet from the 1950s you’ll receive a get out of jail free card, and an antique prize pack featured below.

Vintage Policing on the Run

If you passed the first forgery test, congratulations, you’re rewarded with this exceptionally rare Rhodesian Police motorcycle from and a vintage RCMP duffle coat from Not only is the bike from 1965, but it’s also from a country that doesn’t exist anymore! If present day Zimbabwe finds out you’ve got this antique bike just, open up the throttle and take off… but please stay below the speed limit.

The Sheriff’s Trusty Workhorse, The Crown Victoria

Disobey the posted speed limit and the iconic Crown Victoria may show up behind you, and it’s probably not because the driver wants to get a better look at that rare motorcycle. Luckily these Crown Vics found on,, and are decommissioned, in fact one of them is a toy car. Can you guess which one isn’t real in the line up above?

Hint: unless it’s in a garage made out of a cardboard box the brown background is a give away.

The Cops and Robbers Experience

If you find that owning a motorcycle causes you to flirt with danger and the wrong side of the law, these items should help restore your respect for authority. Reading the children’s book Canadian Police Officers found on is a good start before getting more hands on with this Playmobile Police station set from

Not enough to scare you straight? How about sitting in the back seat of a cop car? For only $5 you could own one of the hundred for sale on and experience sitting in the infamous back seat without tarnishing your criminal record!

My curiosity was peeked as to why the seller has so many seats for sale, and why the police take the stock Crown Victoria seats out of their cruisers. Is it too comfortable for bad guys? As any good detective would, I emailed the seller asking: “why?” Here’s their edited response:

“Various police departments, particularity in large urban centres, take out the seats and replace them with plastic seats (moulded fibre glass) so that [messes] can be easily washed out from the [bad-guys] they transport. Why so many? The Crown, both federal and provincial, put them up in very large lots and sells them off.”

Mystery solved, case closed.

Find crime fighting tools, and police memorabilia on your local classifieds.

Originating from Roberts Creek B.C. Harrison Kamermans can be found scavenging the free section of

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